Michael Myers in Milwaukee

The Escape |

All Hallows Eve is on its way & that’s when Michael Myers comes out to slay. From Smith’s Grove sanitarium he escapes. Back to Haddonfield, IL, he’ll make his way, in search of Laurie Strode to end her days.

But he took a wrong turn, his mind wasn’t straight, now he was headed to the dairyland state. He ate some cheese & drank some beer, then he headed to a park that was near. There in the park three girls play, one of them reminded him of Laurie, you don’t say… Michael was feeling happy inside.. Was it the beer? Was it the cheese? Was it the sunshine?

The Chase |

All the while the girls were having fun, Michael forgot he was on the run. He put the car in park, fixed his mask, knife in hand, he turned towards the girls & they ran!

It was a game of cat & mouse, a chase that went all day, couldn’t the girls see that Michael just wanted to play?

Tea Time |

They were having a tea party & Michael watched from a far. Eventually the girls got tired of it all, “Michael Myers!” He wandered over after hearing their call…

The tea they kept pouring, certainly these girls were not boring! But Suddenly Michael’s head begin to spin, nothing was making sense to him…

Little did he know the tea was poison and these three little girls served no warning. Witches they were, not three girls at play, Michael walked right into their trap to end HIS days.

Take Him Out |

Myers was in a daze, ring around the rosy they would play. He weebled & wabbled in all different ways. These three little witches got him dizzy! Pulling out their book of spells, granting Michael Myers a one way trip to hell!

ASHES, ASHES, MICHAEL FALLS DOWN, HAHAHA! The three little witches would shout, next they all took turns taking him out.

But, as always Michael would rise again, mask on & knife in hand. But at this point the witches spell had just began. They let him get close enough to think he had won, but suddenly, BAM! To the ground he slammed.

They took ahold of his knife & off went his mask, now it was time for the final task. The oldest of the witches would wear his mask, standing over him as his he took his last breath.

Three Little Witches |

The wicked little witches would cackle the night away, creating a soulful stew to celebrate their victory slay.

But the night was young & the bewitching had just begun!

The End.


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