Fall Family Style Guide 2021

Fall is here and it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year to get family photographs taken. As a professional photographer with many years of experience, I have developed a pretty good eye for what looks best through the camera!

One rule I always like to tell my clients – stick to solids! Patterns can be very distracting in a photograph & can often clash with a busy background. If you want to incorporate patterns, keep them light & minimal so that the focus stays on you and your family!

If you have upcoming family photos this fall, this style guide will help you think about colors and outfit ideas for the whole family. These trendy items are all featured on amazon and had great reviews! Most of these items are also prime deals so shipping should be fast if you’re a prime member. I have chosen two different color themes that would work well at anytime of the season!

Red + Beige Tones |

These color tones look best when fall is at its peak and the foliage is very colorful, especially when the leaves are rich in yellow & orange.

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Grey + Navy

These colors look best at the beginning of fall when there’s still a lot of green in the foliage or towards the end of fall when then leaves are mostly brown in hue.

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I hope you enjoyed checking out my Fall Family Style Guide for 2021! The products featured are just suggestions and may not be suitable for everyone. Please review the sizing chart & reviews on each product before buying!

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