Stacy + Mitch Picnic Engagement Session

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It was a beautiful night for an engagement session! A golden hour picnic would set the stage to highlight the love between Stacy and Mitch on a hot Wisconsin summer night.

We started the session by popping open some Menage A Trois Silk red wine & said a cheers to the bride and groom to be! It was about 90 degrees out, but these two didn’t mind wrapping up in the warmth of each others arms.

Stacy’s ring was absolutely STUNNING! It looked so vintage and I just adored the cut of the diamonds & all the pretty details.

After enjoying some wine and some light snacks, we took a stroll through a field of wildflowers. The rolling hills of long wispy grass and the setting sun made the most whimsical scenery for these images.

After our stroll, we headed back to the picnic area for where these two shared some more sweet moments together. Check out that sky!

The sky was painted with the prettiest of hues, all the purples, peaches, and golds. As the sun began to set, a beautiful golden hour poured through the horizon.

When the session came to its end, these two were nothing but smiles 🙂 Cheers to Stacy and Mitch! Their love is truly something to celebrate, what a lovely couple! Thanks for an amazing engagement session, I’m truly looking forward to capturing all the magical moments of your wedding day, see you in October!


Stacy + Mitch


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