Spring Fairytale Children’s Session

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A beautiful Spring Wisconsin night and a mother-daughter duo was the recipe for this Spring fairytale photoshoot. Sophia took my camera by storm as her personality came alive during our session. My creative inspiration soared as I saw so much of my younger self in her. I took her lead and captured some very special moments as Sophia climbed trees, made wishes with dandelions and smelled all the pretty flowers. We smiled a lot, but laughed way more. Sophia showed me many facets of her personality and I made sure to capture them all!

Sweet Cherry Tree

When we started the shoot the sun was still quite high in the sky. A cherry tree with budding florals & the prettiest pink hues made the perfect backdrop and gave us some shelter from the high sun! Sophia loved showing me her signature pose and we giggled each time she did. Her expressions were real & authentic. It was quite a joy capturing moments of her being 100% herself.

Fairy Princess

As the sun was setting, we ventured through the tall grass. Sophia, lantern in hand, looked like a living fairy princess, frolicking through a field of grass and wildflowers! I must say, she played the part very well. As the shoot went on, the sun provided us with some pretty golden hues. This location was definitely a photographer’s dream.

The Road to Home

The next part of our journey took place in the long gravel driveway of Sophia’s home. Because I was photographing into the sun it was a bit challenging to get the perfect exposure I wanted. For this series of photos, I added some light, whimsical cloud overlays to the sky during the editing process. I think it added some much needed detail to the overly bright background. Some more pretty and natural sun flares occurred through my lens during this series of photos. I used my canon 85 mm prime lens to get that creamy background of the sky.

Young + Wild + Free

I just loved Sophia’s energy throughout the entire shoot. She has a wild spirit with such sweet composure and oh boy is she funny! It’s so important during sessions with children to allow them to have silly moments and get the giggles out. Kids have so much energy so I always try to provide them with opportunities to burn some of it off during a shoot. These usually end up being some of the best shots of the day. Capturing authentic moments of kids being kids brings forth the best expressions. I did this with Sophia by having her run through a cloud of dandelion fuzzies! We couldn’t have gotten this picture without the assistance of Sophia’s mom Ashley! She stood on the side of the road shaking a bouquet of dandelions creating a cloud of fuzzies for Sophia to run through. I just love the whimsical touch the little add to the photo!

Handmade Treasure

Towards the end of the shoot, Sophia changed into a dress handmade by her grandmother. She was so proud of this dress and it made for the perfect contrast to the golden horizon. Adding this personal touch to her photoshoot brought out some really sweet expressions from Miss Sophia. This was such a magical shoot for me. There was a beautiful backdrop at every angle! I must say, the most rewarding aspect of this shoot was seeing the loving bond between Sophia and her mother. I couldn’t help but think of my mom and the bond we’ve always shared!

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  • I used my Canon 80D for this photoshoot. A very precise and operable camera perfect to carry out any creative vision!
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