Studio One Year Anniversary

Celebrate |

3/11/22 – On this day one year ago, I received the keys to my very own studio space. I remember the excitement when signing the lease, it was official. I finally had a home for all my props + equipment and a dedicated space for my business to grow. It’s been quite a rewarding year and the time has come to celebrate!

Rewind |

Before I had my own studio, I rented from a couple of shared studio spaces in the Milwaukee area. My equipment and props were really taking up a lot of space in my home. I was so excited to get these items into my new space! All those items cluttering my apartment looked so tiny in 900 sq ft of empty space. Check out the photo below of the day I brought my things into the studio.

Making Progress |

The space was big and very empty. We knew there was a lot of work ahead but we were so excited about this new adventure, we got right to work! The walls needed painting, furniture needed to be assembled, and curtains needed installation. I became a frequent visitor of the local home depot (haha). I had lots of help along the way getting the space ready for business!

For about two months, we were at the studio just about every other day working! Each day we made great progress and everything was really starting to come together.

The Secret’s Out |

Finally, in June of 2022, I was ready to open up to the public & show the world my new space! It was really hard keeping this a secret for so long. I was so ready to start working and photographing in my new space.

In July 2022, We hosted a launch party for friends, family, and the community to see the new studio. It was such a great time!

In less than one year of officially being open for business, the studio has hosted over fifty photoshoots! Many smiling babies, growing families, & furry friends have made it quite a memorable journey in the first year of being a studio owner.

Happy Anniversary |

This first year in my new space has been amazing. It was a scary journey in the beginning, but looking back I know it was the best decision I ever made. Life is way too short to not take a chance when pursuing your dreams!

The studio continues to grow and transform as time moves on. I am looking forward to seeing what year two in this space will bring! I am so inspired to continue creating and capturing more memories in this beautiful space.

Cheers to One Year!

& Many more to come!

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