A Killer Love |

On Halloween night, Michael Myers emerged with fright. Only this time, he wasn’t set out to kill. He was on a mission to unite with the girl who made his heart flutter in the night. A picnic they would have and of course, they enjoyed a glass of wine or two. They read scary stories and shared secrets of their own. Michael’s heart was full, he’d never have to be alone, after all, he’d found the queen for his throne.

Just A Friend |

But soon the date would end, and Michael kept thinking, “I can’t wait a whole year to see her again.” As they parted ways, Michael began counting the days, and his mind began to race. He didn’t get far before his thoughts began to jar. Insecurity began to infect his mind, realizing he is tortured by the hands of time. Before he took another step, he turned back around said….

“Come with me to the darkness instead…”

Michael shivered when he heard the coldest words slip out of her mouth as she said,

“Michael, I Like you but only as a friend.”

“Let’s Talk,” He Said |

Michael’s blood began to boil, he couldn’t fathom the thought of just being friends. For his love was real, his love was true, what was he going to do? His thoughts wrestled in his mind, the flashbacks brought him back to being cold and alone… was the darkness all he’d ever know?

Just when he thought he found the light, he loved and lost his lady all in one night. He’d try to convince her, get her thoughts to sway, make her change her mind & see him a different way.

“Let’s Walk,” She Said |

So the two took a stroll, and now Michael’s heart would pay the toll – or the price – of loving this wicked lady of the night. As the sunlight fell, she began to cast her spell on Michael’s tainted heart, this ending was just about to start.

As Golden hour approached, the wicked lady spoke. Not with words, not with a hiss, but with an evil kiss, on the lips of poor Michael – just long enough for the sun to swallow his soul. As the light slipped beyond the horizon, Michael Myers was in a trance! And struck with fear when down by the old pier, she appeared.

Right Where She Wants Him |

It was the end of the road, she had stolen his soul – a knife to the heart, this was just the start. Michael tried to fight with all his might but he just couldn’t break free from the spell that sent him straight to hell.

Femme Fatale |

But his legacy would certainly live on, because of him, she was very fond. You could say she was his number one fan, who saw him to his final end.

She’d wear his mask like a crown. The darkness she’d been searching for, she now had found. His legacy was now hers to tell, the mask hers to wear & she wore it well.


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