Summer Wedding at the Bowery

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Rubicon, Wisconsin • July 10, 2020

The Bowery is a stunning white barn located in Rubicon, Wisconsin. This event venue has been on my photography radar for quite some time. It features two levels of bright and airy spaces, gorgeous floor to ceiling woodwork and rustic chandeliers. The grounds feature 360º of photographic backdrops at every turn. It felt like a dream come true when the bride to be, Gabby, reached out to me about photographing her wedding day at The Bowery. We instantly started collaborating on a Pinterest board with photography ideas for the big day. It couldn’t come soon enough!

Picture Perfect Day |

Blue skies, white puffy clouds, lush green hills as far as the eye can see; a picture-perfect wedding day. As we arrived, creative visions began exploding in my mind like fireworks on the fourth of July. We made our way to the entrance of the barn and were greeted by the owner Jessica and her staff. When they opened the doors to invite us in, you could literally feel the love pouring out of this space. I was filled with positive energy and non-stop smiles as we toured the venue. The environment was warm and the staff was so welcoming. I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff and how they worked effortlessly together as a team.

When we reached the top level of the barn my jaw literally dropped. Pictures don’t do justice the overwhelming feeling of happiness that overcomes you when you are in this space. This was absolutely, without a doubt, the perfect space to celebrate the love of a very special couple. Although their original wedding plans were redirected a couple of times due to the pandemic, I have a feeling this space and the people closest to them provided all the love, happiness, and support needed on their wedding day.

The Bride | Gabby

Gabby and I first met when she scheduled a boudoir session with me back in February. Our personalities instantly clicked and we had so much fun at her shoot! Since then, I have become her client at the salon she works at in Cedarburg. We began as each other’s clients and grew as friends. Gabby put her trust in me to capture all of her visions for her wedding day and I couldn’t wait to get creative!

I united with the bride on the day of the wedding in an updated farmhouse located on the grounds. Gabby was gathered with her girls inside the cute and cozy space. As she enjoyed her time chatting and having some drinks, I began photographing all the small details of her big day!

It was time for Gabby to put on her dress! Her beautiful dress was embellished with lace details and a dainty cathedral-length veil to match. She looked like a goddess in her wedding dress! Her make-up was perfect and the girls at Illuminate Salon and Spa did a fabulous job on her hair. Just look at what a vision she is!

The Groom | Jake

Jake and I have been friends for over ten years. Our birthdays are a day apart so we would often have joined birthday parties. He is such a wonderful person and a dear friend. It was an honor to be able to capture these memories for him and to be a part of their very important day. I want to shout out my friend and go to second shooter, David Brody, with Vavid Imagery, for capturing these awesome photos of the groom while I was away with his beautiful bride!

The Smiths |

The Ceremony decor was rustic and charming. All the delightful little details involved to celebrate, The Smiths, together as one.

The Vows |

Although Gabby and Jake were already married, this would be the day they spoke their hearts truest words to each other. The day their families would witness the vows to their love and lives together from this day forward. Jake read his vows, tearing up looking into the eyes of his bride. I couldn’t help but tear up with him. There is a bond of pure soul connection between Gabby & Jake. You can see it in the way they look at each other.

Congratulations |

After the lovely couple was officially wed, we ventured out to the grounds for some outdoor wedding portraits. We headed straight for the old rustic car that sits at the beginning of the gravel drive to The Bowery. The sun was very high in the sky so we had fun with a reflector to bounce some rays of love & light on the happy couple. The picture-perfect skies made the most beautiful backdrop.

After we finished photographs by the old car, we began to head towards the back of the venue but made a quick pit stop at the gorgeous farmhouse on the grounds featuring cream city brick. This location was definitely my favorite one of the evening. It provided us some shade from the high sun and made for the most beautiful & intimate wedding portraits!

Love Field |

Finally, we arrived at the back of the grounds in the section where the outdoor ceremonies take place. This area is surrounded by whimsical fields of tall grass, wheat, and wildflowers. Gabby & Jake were in their own little field of love. We captured the sweetest photographs as they were lost in each other enjoying the moment.

The sun was setting and golden hour was approaching. As we were posing the newlyweds Gabby had asked, “How can we do one of those photos where the sun shows through us when we’re kissing?” We all turned to look at the sun and realized it couldn’t have been a more perfect moment for a photo like that! We got them in place, they shared a kiss, and the rest is history!

The Best For Last |

The last location we visited with the bride and groom was a unique wooden pathway that leads to the field in the back of the venue. The pathway had a door frame with two different colored wooden doors, it was so charming! We waited to come to this location until the sun was behind the trees creating nice even lighting on the bride and groom. I had to get some solo shots of the beautiful bride against the rustic wooden door. I photographed the bride through a patch of tiger lilies nearby. The pop of orange added the perfect touch of summer to these gorgeous bridal shots.

P . S . |

A little present from the bride and groom, xoxo.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

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  • I used a Canon 80D and a Canon Mark II to photograph this wedding.
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