Autumn Falls Photo Series

Photography |

Fall was beautiful in Wisconsin this year. The season stuck around for a while with color change starting in mid-September & peaking in mid-October. It’s almost November & I’m still seeing beautiful colors in the foliage here in southeastern Wisconsin. I spent most of the fall in nature photographing & creating content. I couldn’t think of a better way to have spent the season than enjoying and documenting all of its change, all of its color, and all of its beauty.

The Witch Hunt |

I have been visiting Grant Park since I was a little girl & have always felt it’s haunted magic. The trees throughout the park peak at different times of the season so no matter when you visit, there’s always a sight to see. The seven bridges trail and surrounding picnic areas make for some beautiful story-telling photographic opportunities. The haunted park sets the stage for the beginning of my fall photo series. The first segment titled “The Witch Hunt.” The inspiration behind this photo series is meant to represent the emotions evoked as you experience the park and it’s trails. The model, Mina, frolics among the pops of colors before entering the haunts of nature amongst the seven bridges trail. Upon entering the trail her magic is heightened, with a switch of her hat and a twirl of her dress, the witch hunt begins. Only she discovers the witch that she’s hunting for comes from within.

“Enter this wildwood & view the haunts of nature…”

Lattes & Leaves

As fall pushes through the season, I love grabbing a latte and hitting the road with my camera in search of beautiful autumn splendor. The smell of leaves & the pops of fall foliage against a bright blue sky really get me in the mood for fall. This day we sipped delicious lattes courtesy of Avenue Coffee House in South Milwaukee and headed back to Grant Park where we found the most stunning splendor. A cute outfit & delicious latte was the perfect way to spend this autumn day.

The Craft |

As autumn falls, darkness rises. What I love most about fall, is the horrors of Halloween & all things evil about the season. The third segment in this photo series is inspired by one of my favorite movies to watch during this spooky season, The Craft. The day started with fog and rain, which created the perfect mood & vibe for the shoot. This photo series took place in Lake Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was the perfect location for witches to gather. It was a little cold, but we got to craftin’ right away, casting spells & practicing black magic.

The Models

A huge shout out to the women who collaborated with me to bring my visions to life. Your dedication to these shoots is what makes the magic happen. Make sure to follow & support these lovely ladies on social media!

The Photographer

Hey! I’m Stephanie Amaya, owner & lead photographer of Amaya Marie Photography. Thank you for checking out my Autumn Falls photos series. Make sure to subscribe to my blog & follow me on social media to stay updated on my latest photography adventure!

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